Latoya A. Mckie, Author 

I wrote the Brown Sugar Saints book series because I thought Hebrew children needed to see images of themselves.  As a mother, an aunt, and having a career working with children.  I am always trying to find ways to educate. To my surprise, when I look for books to read to the kids, I saw that there were little to no Hebrew children literature.  No storybooks that truly captured the true essence of us as Yah's people.  Therefore, I went to work to create a book that does just that.  I believe children should see representations of themselves and should be uplifted when they read.  They should be able to relate to the characters. My books are written specifically for them to embrace their Hebrew heritage and culture.  Most importantly, I created this series to educate young children and teenagers of the Most High Yah (God). To bring honor and glory to him while teaching life lessons in a fun-filled way based on biblical foundational truth.

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